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Delightfully charming, the dainty Whippet balances neatness and elegance with power and muscularity. Their size, short coat and agreeable temperament makes the Whippet and ideal pet for many families. However, he is a sighthound, bred to hunt, and will chase pretty much anything that moves.

Developed in Northern England during the 19th century as a small, swift hunter of rabbits and other small game, the Whippet, known as the 'poor-man's-race-horse' and the 'poor-man's-greyhound' was also raced along straight tracks in alleyways and across fields. Some dogs still compete in straight races today, while lure coursing, flyball and agility are also among the activities enjoyed by the breed. They are independent thinkers, like many other hounds, and consequently may not excel in obedience competitions.

Whippets are not well-adapted for living in a kennel, or as outside dogs, their short coats do not provide adequate insulation to withstand prolonged periods wet or cold conditions. Their social nature makes them wonderful indoor companions and their quiet demeanour makes them well suited to apartment life, however they do require regular exercise and the chance to run free. 


Whippet Size: Medium
Height: Dogs: 49 cm Bitches 46cm
Coat: Short
Grooming: Weekly
Exercise: Up to 1 hour daily
Ideal Home: Large or small town or countryside dwelling
Colours: Black • Black & White Particolour • Black & White • Black Brindle • Black Brindle & White • Blue • Blue Brindle • Blue Brindle Particolour • Blue Brindle & White • Cream • Fawn • Fawn Black Mask • Fawn Blue Mask • Fawn Brindle • Fawn Brindle White Particolour • Red Brindle • Red Brindle Particolour • Red Fawn • Red Fawn & White • Red Fawn Black Mask  • Red Fawn Black Mask White Trim • Silver Brindle  • Silver Brindle & White • White & Blue Brindle • White • White & Fawn