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Tibetan Terrier

A terrier only by name, the Tibetan Terrier was a herding dog and a guard journeying with traders as they travelled to and from China. Widely believed to be the original Holy Dog of Tibet and a treasured symbol of good luck, he is a lively, loyal companion with a loving disposition.

A natural watch-dog he is quick to announce the arrival of visitors with a loud bark. While reserved around strangers, he is not a shy or aggressive character.

Attentive, placid and intelligent the Tibetan Terrier thrives on company although he does require a firm, consistent and patient leader otherwise he will try to take on the role for himself.


Tibetan Terrier Size: Small / Medium
Height: 25 cms
Coat: Long
Grooming: Daily
Exercise: Up to 1 hour daily
Ideal Home: Large or small town or countryside dwelling
Colours: Black • Black & Tan • Black & White • Black White & Tan • Brindle & White • Chocolate  • Chocolate & White • Cream • Cream & White • Dark Sable • Gold • Gold & White • Gold Brindle • Gold Sable • Red Sable • Sable • Sable & White • Tricolour • White White & Black, Gold, Gold Sable or Sable