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St. Bernard

Originally bred to guard the monastery and to help monks in the Swiss Alps to rescue travellers lost on the mountain passes and trapped in the snow and avalanches, these dogs were sent out usually in groups of four to find travellers. Once located, two dogs would remain with the travellers, keeping them warm, while the others would return to alert the monks to their discovery.

Strength and great substance, endurance and temperament were key factors to be inherent in this breed to enable them to fulfil their purpose, which they continued to do until relatively recent times.

The modern St Bernard seems to have grown somewhat heavier than its ancestors and is less leggy than those original dogs. The Saint Bernard today is a large dog in all senses, delightful, benevolent and slobbery. Gentle and friendly, slow moving, patient, and obedient these dogs are extremely loyal, eager and willing to please.


St. Bernard Size: Large
Height: Dogs: 75cm; Bitches 70cm
Coat: Short to Medium
Grooming: More than weekly
Exercise: Up to 1 hour daily
Ideal Home: Large town or countryside dwelling
Colours: Brown & White • Brown & White Dark Shadings • Mahogany & White • Mahogany Black & White • Mahogany White & Dark Shadings • Mahogany White & Orange Shadings • Mahogany Brindle • Orange & White • Orange Black & White • Orange & White Dark Shadings • Red & White • Red & White & Dark Markings • Red Brindle • Tricolour