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The Sloughi is a sensitive, athletic, alert and intelligent north African sighthound, he makes a loyal and affectionate companion, however in common with most sighthounds he has a high prey drive and will become single minded when in pursuit of quarry. 

Sloughis bond very closely with their owners, so much so that rehoming is not always easy. Their sensitive nature is best suited to quiet households and gentle handling. Whilst they undoubtedly enjoy running and the thrill of a chase, they are quite and calm at home, enjoying the sofa or a soft rug beside the fireplace. Being a desert hound, the Sloughi needs protection from cold, wet weather.

Dry, lean and muscular the Sloughi gives an impression of rustic elegance as well as strength, it is an efficient hunter with great endurance as well as speed.


Sloughi Size: Large
Height: Dogs:70cm; Bitches 65cm
Coat: Short
Grooming: Weekly
Exercise: Over 2 hours daily
Ideal Home: Large countryside dwelling
Colours: Brindle • Cream Brindle • Fawn Black Mask • Grey Brindle • Red Brindle • Sand • Sand Black Mask • Sandy Brindle • Silver Brindle