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Russian Black Terrier

Developed by the Russian Army to catch fugitives and to handle an extremely cold climate, the Russian Black Terrier has many breeds in it's ancestry including the Airedale Terrier, Giant Schnauzer and Rottweiler.

Only a terrier by name, the Russian Black is lively and well-tempered, distrusting of strangers and instantly on the defensive. The modern dog is however no longer the military breed it was originally designed to be.

Confident, highly intelligent, brave and loyal the Black Russian Terrier may seem aloof, but needs human companionship and bonds deeply to its family. They have a very strong work ethic and need a job to do in order to be happy. Early consistent, firm but fair training is a must, as this breed will exploit any owner who has failed to establish clear leadership.


Russian Black Terrier Size: Large
Height: Dogs: 68-77cm; Bitches 66-72cm
Coat: Medium
Grooming: Daily
Exercise: Over 2 hours daily
Ideal Home: Large town or countryside dwelling
Colours: Black • Black with Grey