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Strong, imposing and agile, the Rottweiler descends from dogs which marched across Europe with Roman soldiers, and eventually evolved into a drover, draught dog and butchers dog in Germany.

The Rottweiler is not aggressive by nature and is easily obedience trained. He is an active breed which requires adequate exercise and mental stimulation.

Self-assured, steady and fearless, the Rottweiler is eager to work and makes a biddable, devoted companion. A powerful breed with natural herding and guarding instincts, when working cattle, the Rottweiler searches out the dominant animal and challenges it. Upon proving its control over that animal it settles back and tends to its work.

Rottweilers tend to be strong willed, very intelligent, highly trainable dogs. If they are left to their own devices they will often try to take over the family and this is where the problems can start. A Rottweiler needs to be trained, firmly but kindly, and should know the house rules from day one.


Rottweiler Size: Large
Height: Dogs: 63-69cm; Bitches 58-64cm
Coat: Short
Grooming: Weekly
Exercise: Over 2 hours daily
Ideal Home: Large town or countryside dwelling
Colours: Black & Tan