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Labrador Retriever

The popular, multi-talented Labrador Retriever can trace his roots back to Newfoundland, Canada where, centuries ago, the predominant two breeds were the heavily coated Greater Newfoundland, and the smooth, black coated Lesser Newfoundland, also known as the Greater and Lesser St John's dogs, both of whom worked beside fishermen and were strong, hardy swimmers.

Highly acclaimed for their excellent hunting and retrieving abilities as well as their loyalty and kindly nature they quickly became popular in Britain where they became known as Labrador dogs.

Powerful swimmers, with webbed toes, a waterproof coat and an otter like tail the Labrador Retriever loves water sports. His keen sense of smell makes him an excellent tracker, search and rescue and detection dog. Intelligent and compassionate, the Labrador is among the most popular breeds trained as assistance and service dogs. He is a natural at field sports and a loyal, cheerful companion. 

Yellow shades vary between the very palest almost white creams through to rich dark chestnut fox reds.

The Labrador is a confident, outdoor loving, people focussed dog, he requires positive, upbeat training, human company and an interesting active lifestyle.


Labrador Retriever Size: Large
Height: Dogs: 56-57cms Bitches: 55-56cms
Coat: Short
Grooming: Weekly
Exercise: Over 2 hours daily
Ideal Home: Large town or countryside dwelling
Colours: Yellow • Chocolate • Liver • Black