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Re-homed Rescue

Large or small, sleek or scruffy, energetic or calm, playful or sensitive - rescue dogs come in all shapes and size and with a wide range of personalities. 

Their energy levels, grooming requirements, and daily exercise needs vary enormously according to their ancestry... however, all dogs have the same fundamental needs.

Adopting or rescuing and adult dog, and offering a forever home, can bring challenges, but also brings rewards. Many dogs find themselves in need of rescue simply because their original owners failed to understand their needs, and provide them with proper care and training - unfortunately others have suffered neglect, abuse and cruelty.

Like all dogs, rescued and re-homed dogs require

  • A suitable place to live with adequate shade and shelter
  • A healthy diet and fresh clean water
  • Ability to exhibit normal behaviour
  • Appropriate company - both human and with, or away from, other animals as appropriate
  • Protection from pain or suffering

Animal shelters across the country are brimming with healthy dogs in desperate need of understanding owners and stable, loving 'forever homes'.