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Old English Sheepdog

Although regarded a native British breed, the Old English Sheepdog, or Bobtail, is thought to have shared heritage with European shepherd dogs such as the Bergamasco.

An intelligent, friendly but strong willed breed, the Old English Sheepdog, with his distinctive, weather resistant coat, retains the stamina and herding instinct of his working ancestors.

Devoted and protective, the Old English Sheepdog thrives on the company of his family. He requires daily mental and physical stimulation as a channel for his energies and intelligence otherwise he can become boisterous and unruly. Regular, thorough grooming is necessary to keep his abundant coat clean and free from matting.


Old English Sheepdog Size: Large
Height: Dogs: 61cm; Bitches 56cm
Coat: Long
Grooming: Daily
Exercise: Over 2 hours daily
Ideal Home: Large town or countryside dwelling
Colours: Black & White • Blue & White • Blue Grey & White • Grey & White • Grey