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Whilst not as tall as the Great Dane or the Irish Wolfhound, the English Mastiff is the largest breed in terms of mass.  Contrary to his powerful, muscular build, the Mastiff is calm and good natured, loyal and well-mannered. Mastiff's are gentle for their size and make incredibly devoted, albeit large and slobbery, family dogs. 

The English Mastiff is one of the most ancient breeds recorded by man. As dogs of war they were said to have accompanied Roman soldiers and chariots into battle, however the Mastiff of today is a retired warrior, a generally lazy, loveable couch potato.

Although they rarely demonstrative, these dogs are extremely devoted to its masters and their families. This type of Mastiff loves to please and needs regular companionship.


Mastiff Size: Large
Height: Dogs: over 76cm; Bitches: over 70cm
Coat: Short
Grooming: Weeky
Exercise: Up to 1 hour daily
Ideal Home: Large countryside dwelling
Colours: Apricot Fawn • Brindle • Fawn