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Korean Jindo

The only breed today which is cared for, funded and technically 'belongs to' a government, the Korean Jindo has been declared a 'national treasure'.

Originating on the island of Jindo, where he was used for hunting deer, boar and small game, the Korean Jindo is a beloved and trusted worker and loving companion, noted for his discipline, devotion and cleanliness.

The Korean government, keen to retain the purity of the breed, works to ensure that all breeding is responsibly undertaken and in line with breed standards.

The Korean Jindo is an exceptional loyal and deeply devoted hunting dog with a remarkable homing instinct. He is a hardy, primitive breed, a pack hunter with a wilful and stubborn streak.


Korean Jindo Size: Medium
Height: 46 to 53cms
Coat: Medium
Grooming: More than weekly
Exercise: Up to 1 hour daily
Ideal Home: Large or small town or countryside dwelling
Colours: Black • Black & Tan • Fawn • Red • Fawn • White • Wolf Grey