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Hungarian Vizsla

An elegant and all-purpose gun-dog with great stamina, the Hungarian Vizsla combines an excellent nose, stable pointing and reliable retrieving with a positive love of working in water.

His lively, confident, good natured temperament and aristocratic air give the Hungarian Vizsla and eye-catching appeal, which is enhanced by his intelligent, highly trainable reputation. Hardworking, instinctive, intuitive and inquisitive, the Vizsla thrives on human companionship and needs to feel that he is a valued family member. Patient, firm direction and socialisation is required from an early age, harsh training methods are counter-productive.

The Hungarian Vizsla has two coat types, smooth haired and wire haired. Both types are capable and versatile in a variety of different disciplines including field trials, agility, flyball, obedience and family participation.


Hungarian Vizsla Size: Large
Height: Dogs: 57-64cm Bitches 53-60cm
Coat: Short - Medium
Grooming: More than weekly
Exercise: Over 2 hours daily
Ideal Home: Large countryside dwelling
Colours: Golden Sand • Russet Gold