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A practical and attractive, intelligent and trainable dog, the Hovawart makes a great companion, naturally beautiful and not exaggerated in any way. All three colours can occur in the same litter depending on the colours of the ancestors.

An outstanding watch dog and excellent, devoted family dog this is nonetheless a working breed, and as such requires consistent, firm but fair training and meaningful activity. The Hovawart's most valuable asset is a stable temperament, this breed should remain close to the family and is not suited to being a kennel or yard dog.

The Hovawart was and still is bred to be a reliable companion for all kinds of work, be it the guardian of the property, agility, working trials or search and rescue. Above all, they thrive on having  something to do, either with or for their owner.


Hovawart Size: Large
Height: Dogs: 63-70cm Bitches: 58-65cm
Coat: Medium
Grooming: More than weekly
Exercise: Over 2 hours daily
Ideal Home: Large town or countryside dwelling
Colours: Black • Black & Gold • Blonde