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German Spitz

German Spitz breeds vary in size and weight, the tiniest weighing as little as 5lbs and the largest reaching around 45lbs in weight. The Klien and Mittel types are identical to one another in shape and character, varying only in height - both types are recognised by the UK Kennel Club. 

The German Spitz is an independent character with an outgoing personality. Bright, intelligent and lively, with a tendency to be noisy unless taught otherwise, this is an adventurous little dog that cannot be ignored.


German Spitz (Klein) Size: Small - Medium
Height: Small/Klien:23 to 29cms
Medium/Mittel:30 to 38cms 
Coat: Medium
Grooming: Daily
Exercise: Under 1 hour daily
Ideal Home: Large or small town or countryside dwelling
Colours: Black • Black & Tan • Black & White • Blue • Blue & Tan • Blue & White • Blue Sable • Brown • Brown & Tan • Brown & White • Brown Sable • Brown Sable & White • Cream • Cream & White • Cream Sable • Cream Sable & White • Gold • Gold & White • Gold Sable • Lilac • Lilac & Tan • Lilac & White • Lilac Sable • Orange • Orange Sable • Orange Sable & White • Sable • Sable & White • White • Wolf Sable • Wolf Sable & White