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Healthy Dogs - Fit for Function, Fit for Life

dog health information... A healthy dog is a happy dog

Providing proper nutrition is a very important part of preserving the health of your dog or puppy. When it comes to nutrition for your dog look at various opinions, talk to breeders and health professionals, do your research and see for yourself what your dog really needs.

Your dog or puppy needs exercise for his physical and mental wellbeing. Leaving a dog out in the garden without a human or canine companion to play with, is not the same as taking him for a walk or to play in the park. Dogs are by nature active and intelligent creatures, exercise is important for your dog’s mind and spirit, as well as his physical health.

Providing your dog with training and with toys or activities that engage his brain is a great way to spend time together, providing the mental stimulation that your dog needs to prevent boredom and stress and creating a bond between you both.

Playtime with your dog is about more than providing leisure time or rewards, it is an essential part of your dog's health. Providing stimulating activities such as a job or a game of fetch can help ensure that play offers physical benefits, while the your company and that of other dogs will provide socialization and mental stimulation as well.

Puppies and young dogs also need rest. Playful, inquisitive puppies are not the best judges of when they have had enough activity. Exercise should be limited and play should be supervised especially so with older more agile dogs, when rough and tumble can lead to injury. While puppies are resting and sleeping their young bones, joints and muscles are growing and developing. It is essential that managed exercise is balanced with managed rest, especially in fast growing, large breed puppies.

Most dogs thrive on human company, a life spent in isolation or totally outdoors is both lonely and unhealthy. Keeping a dog outside all day or night during days that are very hot or very cold is simply not appropriate. Heat strokes can happen very quickly in dogs, and even arctic breeds need a source of warmth during the coldest months.

After puppy vaccinations, regular check-up visits to your vet can help him get to know your dog better, enabling him to recognize signs of illness or medical problems more quickly and helping to identify any potential problems. Your dog will also become more accustomed to being handled by the vet, which will be a great help should there ever be an emergency. Remember that your dog shouldn’t have to be sick to receive regular veterinary care.

We all want our dogs to live happy, healthy lives. Whether you have a new puppy or an adult dog, paying attention to all aspects of his physical, mental and spiritual health is the best way to create a truly wonderful relationship with your four legged friend.