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Both standard and miniature Dachshunds make active, affectionate and loyal companions. Their coats vary in colour, length and texture, ranging between short and smooth, long and soft, and wire-coated types.

Often described as 'half-a-dog-high and a-dog-and-half-long' the typical Dachshund is a long bodied and muscular dog, with a deep chest cavity and a great love of digging. While the exact origins of the breed are unclear and open to debate, these plucky little dogs have been used to flush out burrow living prey. 

Playful, but stubborn at times, with a strong chase instinct, these loveable little characters, while loyal, demonstrate great determination and wilfulness on occasion.


Dachshund Size: Small and Medium
Height: 13 - 27 cm
Coat: Long, Short and Wire-Haired
Grooming: At least weekly
Exercise: Up to 1 hour daily
Ideal Home: Large or small, town or countryside dwelling
Colours: Black & Tan •  Chocolate & Tan •  Chocolate Dapple •  Red •  Shaded Red •  Silver Dapple • Black & Cream •  Brindle •  Shaded Cream • Chocolate Dapple & Tan • Cream Brindle • Shaded Cream