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Cute Crossbreed

Large or small, sleek or scruffy, energetic or calm, playful or sensitive - cross breed dogs come in all shapes and size and with a wide range of personalities. 

Their energy levels, grooming requirements, and daily exercise needs vary enormously according to their ancestry... however, all dogs have the same fundamental needs.

  • A suitable place to live with adequate shade and shelter
  • A healthy diet and fresh clean water
  • Ability to exhibit normal behaviour
  • Appropriate company - both human and with, or away from, other animals as appropriate
  • Protection from pain or suffering

Dogs are intelligent creatures and can get bored without sufficient mental and physical stimulation, all dogs need an appropriate amount of daily exercise to maintain their fitness. Some dogs thrive on being active and busy all day, others are content with daily walk and a comfy bed to doze on.

All dogs need a healthy well-balanced diet and access to fresh clean water at all times. How much food your dog needs will depend on his age, size, activity levels and general health.

Heavy and dark coated dogs can be more prone to heat-stroke and may need more care during warmer months,  while short coated dogs can suffer in colder months and may need extra protection to keep them warm enough.

Dogs are sociable animals and can become bored, lonely and distressed if they are regularly left alone for long periods. Training games, walks and socialisation are fabulous ways to build a strong bond with your dog.

Proper veterinary care is extremely important when understanding how to take care of a dog.