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Border Collie

The Border Collie thrives on company, is devote and dedicated to his master, responds eagerly to training, works instinctively and is undoubtedly a highly intelligent breed.

Capable of thinking for himself, the Border Collie has been employed in mountain rescue, tracking and as a sniffer dog as well as in his more traditional flock working role. He regularly needs considerable amounts of both mental and physical exercise, the Border Collie is not a fireside dog.

Athletic, acrobatic and energetic, Border Collies can become demanding, destructive and difficult without sufficient daily stimulation. Centuries of selective breeding have hard-wired a strong herding instinct into this breed, consequently an under-occupied, un-trained dog may turn his herding attentions to inappropriate subjects, such as young children, other pets and almost anything else that moves. 


Border Collie Size: Medium
Height: 53cm
Coat: Medium
Grooming: More than weekly
Exercise: Over 2 hours daily
Ideal Home: Large or small countryside dwelling
Colours: Black & White • Black Tricolour • Black White & Tan • Blue & White • Blue Merle • Blue Merle & Tan • Blue Merle & White • Blue Sable • Blue Sable & White • Blue Tricolour • Blue Tricolour Merle • Blue White & Tan • Brown & White • Brown Merle • Brown Merle & White • Brown Sable • Brown Sable & White • Brown Tricolour • Brown Tricolour Merle • Brown White & Tan • Chocolate & White • Cream • Gold • Gold & White • Gold Merle & White • Gold Sable • Gold Sable & White • Lilac • Lilac & White • Lilac Merle • Lilac Merle & White • Lilac Tricolour • Lilac Tricolour Merle • Red & White • Red Merle & White • Red Tricolour • Red Tricolour Merle • Red White & Tan • Sable • Sable & White • Sable Merle • Sable Merle & White • Seal • Seal & White • Slate • Slate & White • Slate Merle • Slate Merle & White • Slate Tricolour Merle