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Bavarian Mountain Hound

The Bavarian Mountain Hound is not suited for city life, nor is it a dog for the casual hunter. This breed is in regular need of space and exercise and requires a patient, experienced trainer.

A mobile and muscular, medium size dog, the Bavarian Mountain Hound is generally calm, quiet, poised and very attached to their master and family. When hunting however, they are hard, single-minded and persistent. Courageous and spirited they are at ease on a rugged terrain, with a superb nose and powerful hunting instinct.

This is a self assured, unafraid, biddable dog, which is neither shy nor aggressive. A working breed, valued for its commitment and endurance, the Bavarian Mountain Hound specialises in tracking wounded game, such as deer or wild boar, over great distances in mountainous regions.


Bavarian Mountain Hound Size: Medium
Height: Dogs:47-52 cm; Bitches 44-48 cm
Coat: Short
Grooming: Weekly
Exercise: Over 2 hours daily
Ideal Home: Large or small countryside dwelling
Colours: Deer Red •  Deer Red with Black Mask •  Stag Red • Stag Red with Black Mask