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Lily's "Let Me In" Campaign

dog friendly shops campaign

Lily's Kitchen are campaigning for our canine companions, because they are an important member of the family and therefore should be treated as one!

As friends and customers of Lily's Kitchen, we are supporting Lily and her four legged friends. With your help, we hope we can make a big difference by encouraging more shops in the UK to give well behaved dogs the same rights as we have and let them in. 

Lily's Kitchen have put together some doggy facts that you might be interested to hear:

  • Sadly in Britain, dogs are generally far less welcome than they are in many other nations, such as France or Italy. This is despite being known as a nation of dog lovers! And today fewer shops, pubs and restaurants allow them in then ever before. Disturbingly in some parks and beaches around Britain dogs are even banned by councils invoking the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005.
  • And were you aware that The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) have not produced any guidance relating to dogs in the workplace as health and safety law does not specifically prohibit them.
  • Did you know that the 'dog pound' rules? Unsurprisingly shops that welcome dogs are far more favoured by dog owners than those that don't.
  • We're sure you already know that leaving a dog at home is far from ideal, as they get lonely and can develop destructive behaviour or separation anxiety. The other option of leaving the dog in the car is no better. Cars heat up very quickly and can cause dogs to overheat and die. There have been many accidental deaths caused this way.
  • Leaving a dog outside to shiver in the freezing cold is not a better option either - it can get very cold, very quickly, hanging about outside.
  • Dogs left outside (or even in cars) can also become targets for thieves.
  • Julie Birchill from The Independent recently wondered why Israel is ranked 8th happiest country in the world  (UK came 13th). She decided it was down to the fact they let dogs in restaurants! 

Together we hope we can make a difference and make shopping time a much more enjoyable one for dogs and their owners!